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Terms and Conditions

Changes or returns are not allowed for reasons not attributable to UniverseKickz: changes in size (for this, UniverseKickz gives all the information and instructions of measurements to the client), client error when placing the order or change of opinion of the client, as well as perception of the customer regarding colors or sizes.

Returns are not allowed unless the product arrives in broken condition. In this case, you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving the order at universekickz@gmail.com, indicating the defect or tare of the product (attaching images of said defect or tare), along with your personal data and order number. UniverseKickz reserves the right to reject returns communicated outside the stipulated period of 24 hours.

UniverseKickz will be responsible for all shipping costs and the subsequent delivery of the new product / s, provided that once they have been examined, the existence of defects or defects in them is confirmed. The return or replacement of the item will be made as soon as possible and depending on the availability of stock. In the event that this product is sold out, UniverseKickz will send you a purchase voucher for the defective product and will refund the amount of the shipment in the event that you have paid for it. In the case of purchases over € 30, there is no refund of shipping costs since UniverseKickz took care of the shipping.

Returns for factory defects or within the warranty

The User may return to UniverseKickz at no cost, any product purchased on the Website and that presents a defect that: (i) makes it unsuitable for its usual use, (ii) reduces its quality or the possibility of its use, or (iii) does not offer the security that given its nature is normally expected of it and its reasonable use, and that are within the warranty period.

Taking into account the origin of the contracted products, the User will have a period of one month, from the date they receive the products, to inform UniverseKickz about their dissatisfaction with them. UniverseKickz will not be held responsible in the event that this period is exceeded.

The return of products with manufacturing defects will not have any additional cost for the User.

To formalize the return, the User must contact UniverseKickz within the granted period of one month, through the following email: universekickz@gmail.com identifying the product or products that are the object of the return, attaching a photograph or video where they are shown the defects and a detailed report of the defects found in them.

Once UniverseKickz receives the documentation and evidence from the User, it will inform you within 3 to 5 business days whether or not to proceed with the return of the product.

In the event that the return proceeds, UniverseKickz will indicate to the User the form of delivery or shipment of the defective product to its offices / warehouses.

Once the product has been received and the defects evaluated, UniverseKickz will give the User the possibility to exchange the product for another with the same characteristics, unless this option is objectively impossible or disproportionate for UniverseKickz.

In the event that for reasons of lack of inventory it is not possible to proceed with the shipment of another product with the same characteristics, the User may choose to terminate the contract (that is, the return of the amounts paid) or request the shipment of another model that he voluntarily chooses.

The delivery of the product with the same characteristics or the new model chosen by the User, as appropriate, will be made within a period of 7 to 15 business days, from the date on which UniverseKickz confirms with the User the exchange of the defective product or the shipment of the new model.

The change, the sending of a new model or the termination of the contract, will not imply additional costs for the User.

If the User terminates the contract, UniverseKickz will reimburse the full value of the amount paid to the User for the purchase of the defective product (including shipping costs). The refund will be made with the same payment method as your order.

UniverseKickz informs Users that the term for the return of the amounts paid will depend on the payment method used by the User at the time of purchasing the product:

  • If the User made the payment by credit / debit card, UniverseKickz will refund the amount paid within 14 business days, from the moment the User has decided to terminate the contract.

Product Exchange Policy

UniverseKickz does not allow the exchange between a product purchased by the User for another product that is offered on the Website. In the event that the User wants to change a product, they must exercise their right of withdrawal on it, and subsequently buy the new product they want.

IMPORTANT: The product must be returned in perfect condition, without having been used and with the original packaging, garments that are dirty or odor will not be accepted.

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